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Tom Woof & Max The Owl - PSP41

March 12, 2021 Thomas Mitchell & Paxton Stanley Season 3 Episode 4
Planet Storytime Podcast
Tom Woof & Max The Owl - PSP41
Show Notes

Welcome back to Planet Storytime!

In this episode, we revisit Tom Woof & Max The Owl, an amazing story written by the amazingly talented, Jane Owen!   We were so happy to have Jane on our podcast for an interview a few episodes ago, where performed an awesome reading of her story, but given the limitations of using Zoom for recording, we all agreed the story deserved the full PSP production treatment, and Thomas and Paxton have done their best to create a wonderful story experience for Jane's awesome story.

The story of Tom and Max is a story about friendship, gaining perspective, and learning how to tell stories that resonate with people.   It's a great lesson in how we can best interact with our family and friends in everyday life too.    This is Jane's first children's story and it's an instant classic!   

For more information about Tom Woof & Max The Owl, please visit:

You can find Tom Woof & Max The Owl at Amazon and Kindle and encourage everyone to get a hard copy of the book for its wonderful art work!

Thanks again to our new friend, Jane Owen, for giving us permission to use her story for one of our podcasts - thanks Jane!

On Tuesday, March 16th, we will be interviewing legendary record producer, Disney composer, arranger, songwriter and music director, Fred Mollin for our next podcast!   Fred's resume is so far beyond impressive and far too long to detail here, so please visit his webpage at:

Fred will be releasing a brand-new children's album called It’s Great To Be a Kid!  The album will be released officially on March 12th and we'll be happy to talk to Fred about that and his career, next week.   

We intend to release our interview with Fred as PSP42 on Wednesday, March 17th, so stay tuned for that!

- Episode 6 of The Beatru Chronicles coming out very shortly, so please stay tuned for that!
- We have a new TM Ganim original coming out in the next week or two!
- A year later, we are finally just about ready to get our website released to the public!  

Thanks to everyone for listening to the podcast!  We'll talk to you next time!

PSP Team

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